Updates About All Our Activities

Find out information regarding our church scheduled events including worship and helpful information about our current Covid procedures.   

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Special Message

Covid continues to challenge us.  Seems every other week we were changing plans or amending decision around how to best worship and encourage community.  We had a nice groove over the summer, outdoors, careful meetings, reimagining outreach.  Now we’re faced with a major rise in cases over the last month.  We’ve seen families and individuals from our congregation affected, both with the virus and by the restrictions around it.  Reality is setting in.  We’re not immune and the early shutdowns, while inconvenient and seemingly silly, were not meritless.  Our church is committed to worship on Sunday mornings and we are also committed to the safety of those we care for inside and outside the congregation.  As we discern the best way forward, we are going to pause in person services for the next 3 Sundays, November 22 – December 6.  Please join us online for a live streaming service at 10a instead.  You can access the feed on Facebook, YouTube, and on our website.  If you experience any technical issues with the video, please keep in mind that many other churches in our area are worshiping in the same way and that internet usage is higher than ever before in our community.