Our Mission

To invite people to a relationship with Jesus and each other isn't too narrow of a focus for a community church.  But just in case there is a questions about what that means here's some explanation.

Relationship is an all encompassing term.  It calls us to solid communication, real caring and continuous prayer.  

In relationship with Christ we are naturally in conversation with him.  We gravitate toward things that reflect him into our community and we take up the work of knowing him more each day.  

In relationship with each other we are faithful in caring for and supporting one another in life, faith and health.  

Our Leadership Team

Our staff and leadership work together to love, care and pray for our church family and friends. If you have any questions or prayer concerns, email a staff member or call our church office.


  • Jamie DeVries 

    Lead Pastor  roundedemail

    Born and raised in West Michigan, I'm no stranger to how our culture approaches church and pastors. The goal is to be different than the average pastor while creating deep relationships. Partnering with the awesome folks at Covenant, we hope to inspire a culture outside the norm. 

    After spending my early career in business, I felt like God wanted more from me and at forty-one I graduated seminary and started this ministry journey. Age and experience inform my perspective as a preacher and counselor and as a person in community with others. Relationships are vital to how we understand faith, life, and what God wants for us. 

    Music was my first love and I've spent the last fifteen years leading worship and playing in bands. I also love to cook and entertain. If you need someone to talk to, jam with, or eat with, then I'm your guy! Oh yeah, and students, I love hanging out with students. Six years in youth ministry has taught me a lot about teenagers and parents and video games!

    When you visit Covenant, come say hi, so we can get to know each other. God has amazing plans for us and I'd love to hear about your experience of that. There's a mission for us and our church, one that God has put in place: to love people! Come join us in that mission!

    Western Theological Seminary, Masters of Divinity

  • Sonya Archer

    Ministry Assistant  roundedemail

    Working in ministry for the past several years has provided me an opportunity to not only serve our God, but has brought me closer to Him. I enjoy helping others and like the opportunity to serve a church family like Covenant. 

    I grew up in Frankfort, MI – a small little resort town on the coast of Lake Michigan. My husband, Mark, and I transferred to West Michigan over 20 years ago for work and have lived here since. We hope to return to the beach someday but in a much warmer state. 

    I value relationships, especially friendships so feel free to stop by and say hello! 

  • Kevin Manning

    Worship Director  roundedemail 

    Kevin can almost pass as a Native Michigander, but if you didn’t notice the hint of his Southern accent, in short order he’s sure to tell you that he’s from Georgia.

    Growing up playing the trumpet in school, Kevin went to college to be a high school band director. After graduating, instead, he chose to board the Lazy Susan career selector. By now, he’s been a trained violin luthier, seasoned Active Duty U.S. Army Soldier, musical gear and instrument salesman, customer service rep, director of operations, and worship leader.

    From bluegrass, jazz combo and big band, concert band, rock bands, Dixieland, bugling at funerals for our brave fallen heroes and in front of thousands of Soldiers; from Alabama to Afghanistan, Kentucky to Korea, New York City to Manhattan, KS; singer-song writer and mandolin noodler, there’s not much he hasn’t done musically. It’s all one lifelong journey of learning and a love to play music: the gift that God has given him (so he’s been told).

    Naturally an introvert, Kevin does enjoy spirited conversations about hot sauces, the meaning of things, and how humanity is in desperate need of Jesus. Although you’re likely to meet his daughter, the spirited Danielle, first, he doesn’t shy away from firm handshakes and genuine grins.

  • Emily Oudemolen

    Children's Ministry Director  roundedemail 

    Hi friends! Currently I live in the beautiful Holland Mi, about five miles from lake Michigan, with my husband Joe. After living near the lake for most of my life, I am the ultimate water bug. Whether it is a day on the beach, kayaking, taking a raft or boat out, tubing, or swimming in the pool, I love being near the water!

    I am a book nerd and always looking for the next recommendation! I have two fur babies, one extremely mean hamster named Sansa, and a sweet lion head bunny names Coco. I would love to hear about your fur babies and enjoy almost every living creature (other than spiders).


    I am a student at Northpoint bible college Grand Rapids, studying for my BA in Ministry leadership. I have been working and serving in church since 2014. I am blessed to have had opportunities working with all ages, in many different capacities. My passion and calling is in family ministry. I enjoy helping children build the foundations of faith, helping youth with growing their faith, and helping young adults apply their faith to daily life. 

    I enjoy making friends, building relationships, and being in fellowship with others.  Please feel free to reach out! I am always ready for a coffee, lunch, or a nice walk outdoors!